3ds Max, Autocad, Maya …

autodeskYes. All those cool applications you hear about from your designer and engineer friends. Maya, Mudbox, Autocad, 3ds Max and all the other insanely complex softwares are actually available for free download. Come again?!? For free? Yes, for free and I was as shocked as you were when I found out. Trust me, this is not bullshit, and it is perfectly legal. The guys from Autodesk decided that people cannot study and learn the software in 30 days. Have you ever opened Maya or Autocad? I mean it’s just impossible. So, trial period is not really an option when you want to use it for self-studying purposes. So, what’s the solution? In 3 words, Autodesk Education Community, which after setting up a simple profile (username, password, a few details about yourself, no bank account or anything even remotely related to money), allows you to download any of the desired softwares and register it via a free licence code they send you via email. Sounds great? Well, it is great, so stop downloading the cracked and infected torrents, and get the real deal legally and for FREE!


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