Download “Rain Rain” Remix Album!

rain rain rmxThe song itself is great. The fact that it has a huge number of remixes, is even better. Rain Rain was composed and produced in New York by Loredana with Bruce Driscoll and Jeremy Adelman. Completely 3D and featuring French comedian Nicolas Ullman, the video (released – June 14, 2011) for Rain Rain was filmed in August 2010 in LA and the Mojave Desert. (director: Julien Rocher; 3D director: Pitoff). Another 10 remixes came from a remix contest with winners picked by Loredana herself. Thanks also to the talented Alex Tânjală for his photography, and Silver ‘§‘ Strain for his cover art. Endless sweet thanks to everyone involved, my precious friends. The best artists I know creating an inspirational galaxy of new sounds. I hope you enjoy my idea as much as I do. It is a huge experiment, all for your pleasure – no money or commercial interests involved. All for the love of magic sounds. And it goes on… Bottom line, the effort is very much appreciated and the download is there for you to click on.


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