Free Inbound Marketing Kit

marketing kitI’m no marketing wiz, and I’m also not planning to become one either. I see it as a very very boooring job, therefore my interest towards such matters is pretty damn close to zero. However, I am sure there are others that show interest towards marketing and often spent a lot of money for books, information and ideas. Hubspot offers an entire kit for free, if you register, or maybe they just want to make sure you’re really interested, hence the few personal info they ask for, but bottom line, you get an inbound marketing kit for free.

The Inbound Marketing Kit contains:

  • Interactive Presentation with Voiceover: Combine SEO, Blogging, Social Media for Marketing Results
  • Report: State of Inbound Marketing Survey Results and Study
  • Video: Rethinking Marketing: Inbound Marketing to Grow Your Business (1 hour)
  • Video: PR in a Social Media World (1 hour)
  • Video: Marketing in a Recession (1 hour)
  • e-Book: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing – Learn how to get found online in the search engines, blogosphere, and social media sites (35 pages)

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