When Winamp suddenly goes mute …

winampJust a quick note to let you guys know what to do when Winamp suddenly stops singing (while everything else still has sound). It does happen and the causes can vary from obvious to freaky. No worries, I think I have all the possible reasons and obviously the solutions to them as well. Before getting into those, I do want to urge you to download Winamp from the developer’s official website. I still don’t get why so many of you decide to download God knows what version from heck knows what questionable website. Download from Winamp.com for free! Then try any of the following:

  • Go to the bottom right corner of your screen, next to your clock to the speakers icon, open the volume mixer and cranck the volume up under the Winamp icon (Vista + W7).
  • Open the Winamp preferences and in the output category check for “Direct Sound” and select it. If necesary even configure it by selecting the appropriate sound driver.
  • Uninstall Winamp and install it to a different folder (yes, this is the freaky reason), not the regular “Winamp” one. Just make a new folder in Program Files with a slightly different name like “Winnampp” and install it there.

You do any of these, and it should work. Never in almost 10 years have I encountered any other cause for Winamp’s sound not working.


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