Ubuntu – Linux for human beings

ubuntuAnd I might go as far as “Operating System for human beings”, because let’s face it, there is nothing humane about Microsoft asking us to pay for every line of code they write, and Mac OS is for rich people (aka in most cases not humans) that apparently decided that owning Apple devices is a lifestyle. I could write an entire book on how that is so not true, but this note is not about anything related to money, Microsoft or Apple. This is about UBUNTU. It may come as a shock to you, but Windows and Mac OS is not the only operating system in existence. Linux has been present in our lives long before we even knew a huge and noisy P3 can become as small as a low-end Smartphone. Ubuntu is the most successful user-oriented Linux distribution and the reasons are more numerous than the stars you can count. However I am going to shrink all those into one very easy to understand word: FREE! No, really, the operating system, all the software that comes with it is FREE. It’s probably the biggest free bundle you’ve ever seen or imagined. What Ubuntu does is real magic, turns a PC, laptop or tablet into an open-source machine (meaning you won’t ever have to pay for anything soft-related) without feeling even a little that it’s actually Linux behind a really cool and sleek interface. And let’s be real for a minute. Most of you are afraid of anything Linux related for 3 simple reasons:

  1. You are used to Windows / Mac OS, therefore you hate change.
  2. You have no idea what Linux is.
  3. If you have some idea, all you know is that “it’s those people who write code all day long, just to open a window.”

Yes. There are Linux distributions that do that, make you write code, but NOT UBUNTU. If you would not see its name, and know that it’s Linux behind it all, I could easily fool you and call it Windows 7.5! Yeah! That’s how great it is! Want to test-ride it? You don’t even have to install it! You can run it from the CD! You don’t have a blank CD? Guess what, not a problem, you can even test it online, that’s how great it is! Did I mention, it’s for FREE?


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