Acid Xpress 7.0 for FREE!

acid xpress 7Sony, via AcidPlanet or the other way around (not really sure, what’s happening there), is advertising a great little (around 200MB) piece of software, and an 8-pack of sounds to use as a startup. All for free, for an unlimited period of time. Acid Xpress as the name does not suggest, is a music (sound) mixing, editing, recording and composing software. To accurately describe it, it’s not as dumb as a simple Audacity would be, but it’s not exactly Magix Music Maker either. However, it’s pretty close to it. Not as graphical, maybe a tiny bit less intuitive and also has a XPish feel. Still, it does a good job, you get a nice pack of sounds to start with, and you can always create your own through the synth. Mozart, in his time had maybe a few instruments, a pen and paper, you’ll start off with infinitely more than that…


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