Cameron Mizell is Giving Away Free Music

cameron mizellTook me a little while to hunt this guy down, but eventually I managed to land on his homepage, and to my sweet surprise and satisfaction, he still offers free music for those interested in his work. What led me to his webpage was a simple, yet very inspiring comment he posted on a webpage: “Every musician should still sell their music, but allowing some of it to be downloaded freely is not a bad idea. On a recent Christmas album I made, the track we gave away for free to promote the album sold the most. Christmas music sells so quickly, it was very easy to see this work right before our eyes. On my own albums, the tracks I give away on and across other blogs tend to sell a little better too, although those albums actually make more album sales than individual track sales.” – something that makes a lot of sense to me, and certainly makes the music industry a bit less commercial, and profit-oriented.

Through his homepage, he offers free download links to some of the music he composed, played or contributed to in any way. I have to mention one little detail though. The links will take you to some other pages where you will be prompted to buy the track for any price you like. That is fine, don’t panic. You can just type in 0 for the $ value (feel free to pay more if you have money), and a few details like your email address, and the country you live in, so you’ll automatically get the download link in an email (tested, works!). You can also stream all the songs. Here’s a preview of one of the songs that I really enjoyed listening to, and eventually decided to download.


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