Free e-book: “New Music Strategies” by Andrew Dubber

new music strategiesI got to page 12, and I was already hooked. “New Music Strategies” is a free e-book written by Andrew Dubber, that finally makes things clear. All this fight about SOPA, ACTA and many others is not only first of all a nonsense, but most importantly unnecessary! The book describes very well not only the present situation in the music industry, but also the alternatives, and might I add, all sound better and fairer to both the artist and the fans, than any of today’s solutions, be that iTunes, Amazon or any other similar solution. To make things even more interesting, I am including a link towards the video and audio (watch online or use “save as…” option) podcasts (a short preview below the article) related to this book, but do keep in mind, they are not a substitute for this title. Next comes “Music in the Digital Age” as an update to what already has been said and written, and also another very interesting read, but slightly longer (117 pages) than the first book. This one can be downloaded for free as well, or if you feel like it, you can name any price you wish or feel the author deserves.


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