Photoscape – FREE & Easy Photo Editing

photoscapeSince right now I am in Barcelona, taking photos, shooting videos, and exploring what’s considered to be one of the greatest cities of Europe, I thought I’d drop a line about photography post-processing. This is something I often find myself doing. While I’d like to think I’m a good enough amateur photographer to take a decent photo with a bridge camera, that is not always the case, so I end up editing it, and ultimately turning it into the picture I initially wanted it to be. There are tons of programs out there for easy photo-editing, especially if we take into account the ones the camera manufacturer often provides. Nothing wrong with using one of those, however I prefer Photoscape. I like to call it the “bridge editing program” because while on the surface there are all the easy steps and options to edit a photo, if you happen to want to dig deeper, there are plenty professional settings and options to choose from. It’s not Photoshop, but nor is it Windows Live Photo Gallery. It’s somewhere between, and from personal experience I can say, for most folks that’s exactly what they need. So, give it a try and, grab if for free here.


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