Go to Harvard University for FREE!

harvardYes. The one and only, the almighty, the every geek’s, nerd’s and rich guy’s wet dream University. That Harvard. Now, the title itself is a tiny bit purposely misleading, but hey, since you’re already reading, bear with me for 2 more minutes, because it’s just a little white lie that actually depends on your own interpretation on what going to Harvard means. For me, it’s about attending the courses, and if it’s the same for you, the title is as true as it can get! If you happen to be interested about IT, Computer Science, Web-development and even Photography, now you can attend these courses online for FREE whenever your heart desires. From first to last, with notes, videos, links and whatnot. It’s all there, one click away. There is an entire list on the top of the page, I suggest you take advantage, and go through all of them. I’ve already had some experience with one of the courses, and it was so good, that it made me want to go back to school. Unfortunately, given the present economic situation, that will not happen for maybe another year or two. Fortunately though, I have – and now you do too – these online courses that I can attend to, courses that you will see, DO turn your living-room or wherever you are, into a university-like environment. So, enjoy! Computer science has never been so much fun. 😉


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