Free PDFs, ebooks and such!

free ebooksSo, forget the library. You probably have an ebook, kindle, nook, ereader, or something similar, but now you have a new problem. Getting a book from the store or Amazon was quite simple, although I tend to find that not such a good experience, especially when you order a book, and it comes after 3 weeks. Not very 21st Century-like. However having such a device, can shorten the search and can also turn reading into a free experience. Free PDFs are out there, you just have to find them. Wait, you don’t have to find them any more, because that’s what this post is about: a PDF search-engine. Yes, there is; there is actually more than one, but I am going to share the one I had good experience with. It is called This search-engine is advertised on rather many well-known websites like, and it is considered to offer legally free downloads. However, when you do go to, as part of their disclaimer note they also mention “PDF Search Engine do not host any PDF file, Your can download a tons of PDF files for Free. Please respect authors before downloading, verify if their book are copyrighted.” – so my advice to you, do your best to find out. I’d do that myself for you, and check all the PDF links, but unfortunately I do not have an army of ants or people behind me. šŸ™‚


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