Free PDF to Epub! (and many more)

2epubWow! There’s lots of free stuff out there! A-Mazing! So, I am actually writing this one on the go, I mean as it happens to me. New ebook users tend to face some problems, and that is often called PDF. Now, while PDFs are natively supported by probably all ereaders, kindles, nookes and such, they do tend to produce some problems here and there, and ultimately forcing the user to turn to some workaround solution. Good, actually great news is, there is one, and it’s FREE. This time you will not have to download (unless you really need or want to) anything, the link I will provide will be for a website that offer its services for absolutely no charge. So, in order to make sure you have less trouble reading a book, convert it into epub, fb2, lit, lrf, mobi. To make things easier though, for those that might want a more offline solution, I give a FREE downloadable program called “Calibre” which you may download here. Does anything and so much more than a premium, sometimes too expensive program would do.


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