Free Photoshop CS6 … training!

PS CS6 betaYeah, well, it would have been nice to get the new version of Photoshop for free, but I think we all know that will probably never happen. Maybe in 30 years, when it becomes abandonware, until then however stays free for only 30 days. Anyway, this note is not about the software itself, but the training for it. is well-known for their good (most of the time) training videos and materials, but they’re also known for being very commercial about it, so lack of money tends to quickly become a barrier for those interested in their courses. However, that’s not the case this time. The 2 and a half hour-long training suite for Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta is provided for absolutely no charge on their own website. This the description they provide for the course, which by the way, contains the exercise files as well.

In the first installment of our extensive coverage of the Adobe Creative Suite 6, Deke McClelland offers a comprehensive sneak peek at the new features in the free public beta of Photoshop CS6. This course reveals the secrets behind the new dark interface, searchable layers, the powerful Blur Gallery, Camera Raw 7, video editing, and the Adaptive Wide Angle filter, which removes distortion from extreme wide-angle photographs and panoramas. Deke also covers the new nondestructive Crop tool, dashed strokes, paragraph and character styles, editable 3D type, and the exciting Content-Aware Move tool, which moves selections and automatically heals the backgrounds.

Topics include:

  • Enabling auto recovery and background saving
  • Filtering layers in the Layers panel
  • Modifying multiple layers at once
  • Applying layer effects to groups
  • Working with the Content-Aware tools
  • Redeveloping photos in Camera Raw 7
  • Creating depth of field with the Blur Gallery
  • Correcting wide-angle panoramas
  • Filling and stroking shape layers
  • Editing videos in the Timeline panel
  • Previewing 3D shadows and reflections

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