Learn Music for Free at Berklee

berkleeSince yesterday was about music, I’d like to continue on that with a twist. Listening to music is fine, is great, is wonderful, but some of us have always felt the urge to do more than that, make, sing or play music ourselves. Most of us, regular people with a regular life, and maybe with an even under average living standard, have never had that opportunity for one simple reason: schools, especially well-known music Universities are really expensive, and let’s face it, there are only a limited number of available slots for students. What happens to the rest of us? Well, Berklee, one of the best music schools on the Planet, came up with an idea. The idea itself is actually not that new, lots of Universities have done it before, but when it comes to music, Berklee really is one of the pilgrim-fathers of the open-courseware projects.

So, what does Berklee offer for free?

Bass Lesson Guitar Chords Lesson
Pro Tools Lesson Ableton Live Lesson
Music Business Lesson Propellerhead Reason Lesson
SONAR Lesson Voice Lesson

For someone who’s new to music, this is a really good place to start. Like I mentioned before, it’s all free, and to my surprise, very well organised. You do have to create a free account, which then will grant you access to the entire course, but that only takes 30 seconds, so it’s worth the effort. That being said, have a great time learning music! 🙂


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