Why does HP suck?

hp sucksA recent unfortunate event, that obviously did not happen to me, sort of filled my cup of bitterness regarding HP, as a company, but most of all as a laptop manufacturer (stay far from their printers too). During the last 7 years, I’ve seen people cry, sware, go red, blue, then green, all of which while holding an HP laptop in their trembling hands. Most of the time, it’s already been the n’th problem they were experiencing with their “beloved” HP. During all these 7 years, I’ve fixed and chucked out more HP’s than all the other brands all-together. It first I was like “ok, unfortunate coincidence”, which then turned into “weird” and finally “this gotta stop!”

Now, as much as this seems to some of you like a counter-campaign against HP, it’s not. It is merely sharing my 7 year experience, putting all the pieces together and proving why HP is NOT a good choice. I could turn this into “vs. article”, and say go buy DELL, Sony Vaio, Toshiba or ASUS. I am not going to do that. The choice is still going to be your’s, and I certainly don’t want to promote other laptop manufacturers either. It’s not my goal. My goal is to paint a real picture of HP and their omnipresent laptops.

Lots of you have HPs. Why? Everybody sells them. You can buy an HP at Tesco’s for God’s sake. It’s one of the biggest manufacturers on this God-forsaken planet. BUT biggest does not = best. It’s amazing how few people get that. Biggest does NOT = best! Remember Pioneer and NEC optical drives? No. Well, those were one of the best, while most of you had problems with LG and Asus, which at that time were the biggest in the optical drive industry. The fact that someone makes something in humongous volumes, does not imply or mean, they’re actually doing a very good job. Stop thinking that because HP is so well-known, it must also be damn good, or even the best.

Price-wise HP, while apparently ranks well, it’s kind of a lie, and it does not. True, you do find really cheap HPs, which are in fact Compaq Presarios (300-400$), on the market, but that does not make an entire line of products a good choice. Just during the last year I’ve seen 3 HP Pavilions go nuts out of the blue. One of those was irrecoverable. Mind you, those were expensive laptops (900-1000 euros). Mother-board crashes, BIOS fails, CPU stops working, fans go rogue, screen goes into labour and dies on the table, and I could continue. Sure, all laptops face these problems, more or less. I am not saying these are strictly HP issues (although some actually are), but the sheer number of unsatisfied and disappointed HP customers is way beyond acceptable. Yes, I’ve seen DELLs HDD or RAM die, yes I did. No manufacturer is perfect. No electronic device is perfect. Hell, I’ve seen all sorts of defects on all laptop manufacturers, but losing a HDD (if you have sensitive and important data, learn to back-up) or RAM is so not a big problem, compared to losing the laptop itself. HDDs and RAMs are the cheapest, and can be replaced by almost anyone who has minimal hardware knowledge.

HPs are so mass-produced that they seem to completely fail when it comes to quality and durability. Opposed to general belief, people do not buy a laptop every 2 years. Most of us like and hope to use it for around 4-5 years, and when you spend 800 or 1000 grand on a device, that expectation is more than justifiable. HP users tend to double that amount, or at least live a life full of frustration and the physical absence of the laptop itself considering the amount of time it spends in service. With an unjustifiable price, that also comes with almost assured tears and frustration, probably even the price of some new component if not the price of another laptop itself, HP not only that it does NOT seem like a good choice, but an extremely risky one as well. Unless it’s really cheap and has good warranty (2-3 years), under no circumstances do I see HP laptops as being a logical, technically and economically sane choice.

So, to answer the question in the title, HP is too mass-produced to still be able to offer quality over quantity. Also, in reality it’s never been as good as some folks try to convince their clients. You always hear HP this, HP that, the brand-name is out there, but ask yourself, how often was it about how durable or high quality their laptops are. Going with HP is a risky step, far riskier than going with a Toshiba or DELL. That step is certainly your’s to take, but ask yourself, what’s more important, to have an HP laptop or a good laptop?


2 responses to “Why does HP suck?

  1. OH my goodness, thank you. I have always believed HPs are crappy, I used to have one myself and it was awful, crashed all the time and hardly lasted 3 years.

  2. Hello I’ve owned 2 hps in the past 7 years also and its been all bad. They overheat ridiculously fast ( so fast that I took it to get professionally cleaned and in a matter of DAYS the problem started again). I wrote them off after that but after enrolling in a college that gave me a free laptop (HP go figure right) I was hoping it was just bad luck the first time so I was hopefull that this one would be better. Yes I was wrong. I’ve had it for prob 7 months now and the things terrible. Still overheats like its cool and runs like crap. It also retails for over $800. Huge waste of money I’m glad that it was free for me at least I have something to wipe my ass with later. Terrible quality my old dell comp runs way more effective and its has way less of the specs the HP does. Way to go HP I will forever consider this company as a scam

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