Free Music on Amazon! (USA only)

Whaaaat?!? Free music on Amazon*. How can you not get this? Let me rephrase. Free music on Amazon. Ok, I did not rephrase that, but after reading it 3 times, I hope you finally got the message. Amazon is giving away free music. It has done it for a long time, but as it usually happens, the free stuff is buried deep under the paid items. How else would they make money, right? This is certainly news for most of you, and the more I talk to people, the more I realise, they’re afraid to click on certain things when on the internet, or don’t even realise it’s a clickable item or link. The same thing with Amazon. When browsing for mp3-s, there is an option on the right, to set the item-list according to your needs and wishes. One of those settings is “Price: Low to High”. Guess what that does… Brings all the free stuff to the top of the page. It was that easy! Your job however will be even easier, since I am providing a direct link with the sorting and everything already done for you: Link to Amazon Free Music

*Unfortunately for the rest of the World, Americans tend be extremely selfish, which is why the above link works only for US citizens located in the USA.


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