Free Web Hosting!

000webhostThis is not a joke. Nor is it a “journalistically” blown-up title to make you read this article. It’s fo’ real! Free web hosting exists, and guess what? It works too! I had some experience with such free offers in the past, but none of those really worked out for me. Some came with banners, others were twice as slow as a crippled snail, so in reality caused more frustration than it was worth. 000webhost tends to fix those issues with success. True, the free offer is not for very advanced users, nor for medium or big sized web-pages, but it certainly gives a head-start for those that need to host their blog, personal website, small business page, artist-portfolio or in need of a test-server. You can use your own domain, if you happen to already have one, or go with a “comyr” domain, which is perfect for test purposes. No ads is the first good thing about 000webhost, then come other features like 1.5 GB of space, 100 GB traffic, imap, webmail, weekly backup and other interesting features which you can check out by clicking the link I already provided. Uptime… well, that’s the only hiccup or drawback. It’s 99%. 0.09% less than a paid hosting would provide. This however does not mean that out of 100 minutes your website will be down 1 minute. We’re talking about guaranteed uptime, so you may very well be lucky and never experience even a second of uptime loss. Still, let’s say it does happen, in which case I say, for free, it’s still a good deal. I mean what are the chances of a small website being down exactly the moment one of the few visitors you have per hour or day is browsing it? All in all 000webhost does a good job for a free service, and I myself use it as well, for testing purposes and beta releases.


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  2. Hallo, I am interested for Alpha Reseller and Super alpha reseller web hosting..I wanted to ask does offer these plans ? I can see plans listed on their page but I wanted to ask do you or some one else have experience with Alpha Reseller and Super alpha Reseller plans..

    Because I really need unlimited web hosting space and web hosting bandwidth and I can see that they have cheapest prices..and also some promotions

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