Turn on HTTPS for Facebook!

facebookhttpsThis time the topic is not free stuff, or an incredibly great offer, it’s just a short note to all of you out there who use Facebook on regular, or semi-regular basis. Turn your HTTPS option ON! This is something that most people ignore, and unfortunately they’re the ones being surprised when suddenly their Facebook account looks weird, is suspended, deleted or their photos are gone, and details are changed overnight. For a long time that was Facebook’s fault. Not any more. There actually is and has been for a while now, an option (that David Malan from Harvard reminded me of) that turns on HTTPS traffic through Facebook. This is important. Now, it seems that this option when implemented (2011), was not a default one, and since then, I’m not even sure any more if it became a default setting or not. Long story short, lots of you still have it set to OFF, which is NOT good, basically because anyone with a little IT knowledge, and a sniffer software, can gather sensitive info, including the cookies that authenticate you.

In order to minimize the exposure to such attacks please do the following:
Go to top-right little arrow (next to “Home”) >> choose Account Settings >> left menu: Security >> Secure Browsing: edit >> Check “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https)” >> hit Save Changes.

Now all is fine, and you can rest assured that data is indeed encrypted on a much higher level than before. 🙂


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