The Daz Studio Pro Freebies are Still On!

daz freeI was very happy when I first heard the news, about 2 months ago, and am still happy to say the DAZ Free Offer is still on, according to the developers, until the end of April. So, while the guys from Daz usually give their starter kit away for free, which is quite enough if you don’t plan to get too deep into 3D modelling. However the guys from Daz also like to make things interesting and give entire otherwise expensive suites away for FREE! This is one of those situations. If you log on to and register (free), you can download Daz Studio Pro, Bryce 7 and Hexagon 2.5 for absolutely nothing! 100% free! The value of around 800$ is yours for free. That if you register and download until the end of April. I am actually looking at my own Daz profile, and can’t believe my eyes. All 3 packs are there, with the serial numbers and everything. Un-be-lievable. This is a real and very unexpected freebie! Download while it’s hot! 😀


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