Free* Book Publishing Service!

leanpubNowadays I think at least one out of 5 people blogs about something. Others don’t blog, but might still be writing their ideas on a piece of paper, post-its, a notebook, some actually write memoirs, and journals. Sadly most of these written treasures get lost for several reasons, mostly because people just give up, or don’t see the point of writing any more. Who the heck would read it anyway, right? NO! Leanpub has a different opinion and that is that things you write should not remain in the dark and unheard of. You should turn it into a book! Book?!? Yeah, a book. While normally that involves a lot of work, research, regarding which publisher to go with, then have the heart-ache of seeing your work turned down just because some idiot thinks it’s not going to make enough profit. You’re already scared and disappointed. I would be too… This is where Leanpub comes into the picture. It’s a free service that publishes any of your work in several e-book formats like epub, mobi, pdf and such. Not only do you get a professionally looking book, but you can also sell it for free or for any other amount. So, why the “*” in the title? Well, the service itself is free, however if you do decide to sell the book, they will take a small percentage of your profits, but so small that you won’t even feel it. This is from their FAQ page:

Q. How do you make your money?
We take the money from people who buy your book, and give you 90%, minus a 50 cent flat fee, of it. (Currently we do PayPal royalty transfers monthly, once an amount of $40 is reached.) You can tell how many people bought your book: you see a list of every sale (including the date purchased, the total paid and your royalty) on your book sales page.

There are also other services they offer, that are in fact for money, but basically, to get your book published on Leanpub and then sell it or offer it for free through Leanpub, costs absolutely nothing! Even more, you can import your blog into Leanpub, and turn it into a book. How cool is that! 😀


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