Free Album: Paio – Ethnica

paio_ethnicaI am a big fan of instrumental music, chillout and symphonic pop. Mainly anything that is crossover and uses some classical elements, in my opinion must be good music, and requires at least some talent to create. “Paio – Ethnica” is a chillout symphonic pop album that I have to say I’m very surprised to find for free. I know there is lots of great music out there for free, but this album was so good it took me a while to really believe the author asks absolutely no money for it. Full album, high quality download, and everyone who’s downloaded it before was absolutely amazed by the quality of the songs on this album. If you ask me it’s right there, next to Yanni and all the other great ones. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Paio – Ethnica.


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