CardWorks aka Free Business Card Software

cardworksOne of my very good friends just decided to become serious, and make herself some business cards. As it so often happens with people, she also over-thought the process, and decided that Corel is the way to go. I love people, I honestly do. They make me smile all the time. Whenever there is something to do on a computer, they seem to have this fixed idea in their heads that it must be done in a very expensive, huge and fancy software, aka there is literally no choice but to employ programs like Photoshop, Corel, Adobe Premier, Autocad, 3Ds Max or basically anything that is horribly complicated. I think efficiency is and will always be the key factor in getting something done. Focus on what you need to make, not on the tool wich will be employed for getting there. With that in mind I give you (as I gave her as well) CardWorks. Here’s a little data about the program as it is also described on their homepage:

Business Card Software Features
  • Wide selection of business card templates included
  • Download additional business card template designs (also free)
  • Adjust template color schemes
  • All standard business card and paper sizes supported
  • Create single- or double-sided business cards
  • Store names and addresses for multiple businesses
  • Add a company logo, employee photo or other user picture (supports many formats including jpg, gif, tiff, bmp and png)
  • Templates include bleed to ensure colors go all the way to the edge of the card when cut
  • Print with crop marks to easily trim cards to size
  • Export to a high-resolution PDF and take to a printer

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