Dillon – Too Good to be FREE!

dillonNevertheless it is free. I mean you can listen to the songs for free, which, given the quality of the music and the undeniable talent, is pretty much unexpected in a “sell everything on itune, and let no one hear more than 30″ of your song for free” type of World.

I have this friend, who’s really good at listening to music I’ve never heard about, and she knows this DILLON chick’s music pretty well – you know, ringtone, ipod, bb, laptop, vinyl sort of way – and thought to make my day better by sharing it on my Facebook wall. I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to music. I either call it utter crap, or admit it’s good, but this time I had to say something like “this is really great”. It truly is. All the songs are well-written, and very well performed, and I just can’t not see the Regina “Spektorish” talent behind the songs. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you DILLON!


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