40+ Gigabytes of Free Space!

cloudstorageDo you remember when the 40 GB HDDs started to become a big hit in the PC consumer market? I do. It wasn’t that long ago.  It was about 10 years ago and those magical devices that apparently would solve all of our hard drive space issues, were really expensive – somewhere around 250-300$. 10 years later you can have that for free. How is that possible? Well, apparently there is so much server space lying around the internet, that companies can afford to give you lots of gigabytes for free. Like, really, you do a quick free sign-up, and you get 2, 5, 10 or even more gigs of free space. It’s called the cloud. No, not the one that rains and gets your Armani ruined. This is the internet cloud, an online storage place which you can use for basically anything and access it from anywhere. Doesn’t that sound nice? 🙂 The following links will get you to the most popular choices of Cloud Storage:

BUT! Here’s a little advice from a guy who has seen too many people cry because of loosing precious data. Do NOT use any online storage service for backup. The cloud is to be used for data that you feel like often sharing with others, or that you’d like to access anywhere from any device that has internet connection, files that you will not keep there for more than a few months, and most importantly files that do not contain extremely sensitive information, or you don’t have a hard-backup of. Connection to these services are 128 or 256 encrypted, still, use them with caution. That being said, enjoy your over 40 gigabytes of free space!


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