Mininova: the Hub of Legal Torrents

torrentThere’s a myth about file sharing, but most importantly about torrenting and torrent files themselves. Torrents usually are associated with the word illegal, bad, prison, piracy and such. I know people who actually try to avoid the mere word in emails and ims. If you are one of those people, please do everyone a favor and read up on Wikipedia or anywhere else for that matter, about what technically torrents are. Torrenting in itself is a file-sharing technology, one that is absolutely legal, one that I might add, very well known companies like Oracle, Mozilla and many others use to get their products to the client. It’s a smart, efficient and it itself a legal data sharing method. Now, the fact that people use this technology for piracy as well, that’s another story. utorrent, the most widely used program for downloading such files is also legal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to justify piracy, and I repeatedly will mention this, downloading a torrent that contains illegal data, that is piracy, but downloading a torrent that contains legal data, is NOT piracy. Since finding legal torrents can be a hassle, I am going to provide you with a link to a website that offers legal torrents. Mininova used to be one of those rogue sites in the past, until they got “shut down”. Well, not entirely shut down, because they decided to join the community of free legal downloads.

Mininova, one of the web’s go-to aggregators for BitTorrent trackers, has deleted nearly every torrent on its site in response to a court order. Only torrents uploaded by approved partners in its legal distribution network survived the cull and will continue to be allowed. (BBC News)

Mininova to this day, still exists and functions by that same rule. Approved partners, which mean monitored and legal torrents. This in turn makes people’s life a little easier, giving them, giving you a fairly well organised database of legal torrents.


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