Free Microsoft Office Alternatives!

officeThis blog is quickly becoming what I intended it to be in the first place – a hub of legally available free data based on real every-day needs of users. This blog is actually based on real-life situations and personal experience. Over the years I’ve become the go-to guy when it comes to anything related to computers, even if that’s just a stupid question like “My laptop is on fire, what do you suggest I should do?” Well, turning on the air-conditioner will probably not help, so taking it to a shop that has a service, is probably the obvious choice.

I do however get to answer smarter questions too. Just last night a friend of mine was whining about not having anything better to work with than the ever so simple Wordpad, which we all know, pretty much sucks. So, really, what can you do when there’s a piece of software you really need, in this case an Office suite, but want to stay legal, and keep your money as well? My instant answer to her question was OpenOfficeOrg, which she probably ended up using, but it got me thinking: there must be at least another alternative. Guess what? There is! It is called Soft Maker Office 2008. Is it good? Yeah, it’s great actually! There are rumours and also very solid opinions that it is in fact better than OpenOfficeOrg. Whatever the case would be, now you have an alternative to the free alternative as well. Isn’t that nice? 😀

Later edit:

Dany (see comments), was nice enough to bring to my attention the “abandoned ship” nature of Open Now, that does not mean, it is not downloadable or unusable but rather that it’s a product that by definition will probably not get any better than what it is today, or technically speaking version 3.3 is the last. While that is sad news, and mostly caused by the giant Oracle, no worries, the guys that developed OOo, reinvented the wheel, made it better and called it LibreOffice which is also FREE!


2 responses to “Free Microsoft Office Alternatives!

  1. is not a maintainable package anymore, after Oracle acquired Sun Microsistems, last year. Developers adopted an “abandon the ship, and build a new one” attitude, upset because Oracle was trying to control more and more the developing process. So because was in fact released under LGPLv3, they took all the code they’ve build at the time (plus updates that were intended to see daylight in OOo next version), and re-brand it.

    So, OOo is not a good example here, right now is still in 3.3.0 (same version from the split), and maintained by three or four Oracle developers.

    The fork resulted from the split is called LibreOffice, and is maintained by The Document Foundation, an independent self-governing meritocratic Foundation based in Berlin, in the legal form of a German “independent foundation under civil law”, created by former leading members of the Community.

    LibreOffice at this time is way ahead OOo (although still looks the same – a new interface is in development as we speak). It is supported by Canonical, that introduced it in Ubuntu since 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

    So, yes, a good example, added to what you’ve said above, will be LibreOffice.

    “The LibreOffice software is developed by users, just like you, who believe in the principles of free software and in sharing their work with the world in a non-restrictive way.”

    • Yeah, you do have a point there, and I also knew some (not enough) details about the split, Sun and Oracle. Since I do own a licensed Microsoft Office 2007 (got it for like 30$), I stopped caring too much of the OOo development details, so yeah, I still had some rather outdated info there. Still, while OOo is a more or less abandoned ship, it’s not a sunken ship. I will however edit this article and add libreoffice with some of the details provided by you. Thanks, mate!

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