Google Drive, and its 5 Free Gigs!

google driveIt’s coming, it’s coming… it’s here! Google Drive is here, and it works! Ladies and gentlemen, Google could not face anymore the sad reality that everyone else is offering free cloud service, but them, so they decided to fix that. And so they did. It has been a buzz since over a week already, lots of people signed up, just like myself for the Google Drive even before it was available, but I am happy to announce, I just got it a few hours ago, and it works like a charm. Fast, efficient, and it has a clean and self-explanatory design and feature-set. You can be an almost absolute noob to what the cloud is, and you’ll still get it in no-time. Other than that? Well, 5 Gigabytes of free space, that you can use for short-term (my advice) backup, file-sharing and other needs. It pretty much does what it says. It functions more or less like Dropbox, so if you’ve been using that before, you’ll find Google Drive to be very similar to that and to some of the other well-known cloud providers out there for that matter. So, there you go, enjoy your own Google Drive

P.S. There are serious discussions going on all over the internet regarding file deletion, and I myself got asked that seconds after I posted the news on my personal Facebook account. “What happens if I delete from my Hard Drive the files from the Google Drive folder? Do I lose them?” The answer to that is NO. However there are several scenarios. Deleting a file from Google Drive folder upon syncing will delete the file on the cloud, but it will end up in the online BIN folder, so it’s basically still there, you can grab it any time. However if God forbid your hard drive crashes, or you decide to format it, syncing will not happen any more and your files will stay exactly as and where they were before. When your new OS is installed, you can then access your online Google Drive. Download the files into a folder, install Google Drive, pour the contents of that folder into Google Drive and you have everything as it was before.


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