Celebrating the First BitBits Milestone

bitbitsI am happy to announce that in just 2 months BitBits has reached over 1000 views! Today I opened the statistics page, ad there it was: 1004 views. In honor of this event I am going to launch the BitBits Android and Windows Phone application, which will be available for free download in just a few days, from our own Google Drive. Unfortunately, thanks to Apple’s greedy 99$  developer-certification policy, iPhone and iPad users will probably have to wait some more for the native app. I intend to find a legal workaround for this issue, so I will do my best to come up shortly with a solution for all those Apple lovers out there. I encourage all those that follow this blog to share, recommend or tweet about the fantastic links this site offers. Free legally downloadable data is out there, so don’t keep the good news to yourselves. We’re still a little short on fans, I’d love seeing over 100 by the end of May, so share, share, share, because you sharing will make people happy! That being said, have a nice week, a fantastic 1st of May; celebrate labour day the best way you can!


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