Free Ivy League Education Becomes Reality

educationYou’ve already seen me promote Universities like Harvard, Yale, MIT and Berklee. I did that not because they’re ivy league schools, but because they offer free courses for anyone that feels like studying. That was only the first step. While probably 95% of the World’s population still does not know about the free higher education solutions, this is going to change. Very soon. Free courses are really becoming a thing of the future regarding education all around the world. This is fantastic news, and also official. Just a few hours ago New York Times posted probably one of the most interesting articles ever written about the future of education, and it was exactly about what I already started promoting on this blog.

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Wednesday announced a new nonprofit partnership, known as edX, to offer free online courses from both universities. Harvard’s involvement follows M.I.T.’s announcement in December that it was starting an open online learning project to be known as MITx. Its first course, Circuits and Electronics, began in March, enrolling about 120,000 students, some 10,000 of whom made it through the recent midterm exam. Those who complete the course will get a certificate of mastery and a grade, but no official credit. Similarly, edX courses will offer a certificate but will carry no credit. (The New York Times)

If until today you were one of the many people who just could not afford to study, this is the time to put that problem aside and consider it an outdated issue. The future is about smart people who have a real opportunity to study using well organised and high quality resources. That future is now. As I mentioned before, some universities are already offering a great number of courses. You can find a promotional banner on the sidebar of this blog for each of them, or just access the following links: MIT, Yale, Harvard and finally Berklee.


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