Polaroid Returns!

polaroidWho needs Instagram and other complicated fancy programs? Everyone knows Instagram, so you can’t be cool having it any more. You wanna be cool? Use Polaroid! You haven’t heard of it? Well, that’s because the FBI decided it was so cool they made it classified. Ok, I’m obviously kidding here, but it really is a cool piece of cute software. And guess what it does… Well, Polaroids. Dooooh! It is in fact so good that even Justin Timberlake likes it and blogs about it. You don’t believe me? Here’s an excerpt:

Remember the thrill of polaroid cameras? While chilling with your friends, you could pull out the Polaroid camera, snap away, and watch as the image slowly appeared in full vivid color. And remember how Outkast’s big hit “Hey Ya!” reminded everyone of the virtues of Polaroid shakin?… For sentimental reasons, it was a bit sad when Polaroid discontinued Polaroid film last year. But leave it to the tech community to recreate the main virtues of the Polaroid: its quick-to-develop satisfaction, distinctive color hue and fun “shakeability.”

So, yeah, I wasn’t kidding. It is that cool! Oh, did I mention it’s free?


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