Download Free Album: Jess Klein – Behind a Veil

The weekend is coming. It’s not yet here, but it’s mighty close. At least that’s what I’ve been saying to myself since last Monday… Anyhow, to turn the mood up a little bit, I decided it’s time to share this new wonderful music album I discovered a few days ago. To properly introduce both Jess Klein and her album, I am actually going to quote from her NoiseTrade profile: “The songs on Behind A Veil are a direct result of a personally challenging 2011 for Jess; losing her father to a 5 year battle with ALS, splitting with a lover, and the self-empowering decision to move forward with no management or record label. Jess explains: “You never really know what the big picture is to a situation – sometimes the meaning is veiled. It can seem really bad, but then later you can look back at the same moment and feel so grateful it went that way; I love that about life. Sometimes things are just really hard and really painful, but also beautiful.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyway, less talk, more music, so happy downloading and enjoy Jess Klein – Behind a Veil


2 responses to “Download Free Album: Jess Klein – Behind a Veil

  1. i am looking for Jess Klein – Behind a Veil album and finally i got it here. its not always possible to go CD shop and buy but its quite easy to download whatever i want. thanks to admin

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