Take a Leak for Every 100 Miles!

nopopo pictureYeah, I realise this is one of those “WTF” titles, but trust me, I’m not messing with you. Today’s bitnote is about something very bizarre, though technologically extremely advanced and eco-friendly. There’s a buzz going around the World about a battery that the Japanese finally managed to come up with on a commercial scale. It is called the NoPoPo battery, an abbreviation of “No Pollution Power”. It’s kind of a gay name for a battery compared to “Energizer”, “Duracell” or “Varta”, but what the heck, for a battery that runs on water, I can live with the name.

Did I just say “runs on water”?!? I sure as hell, did! This 1.5V, 600mA, AA type battery that runs on water, or any type of liquid for that matter. Yes, you can take a piss in the battery and it will still work, just as great as it would with regular water. You can wait around for the rain to come, and fill it with raindrops for all I care. Just use liquids, and not catchup type sauces.

Now, you might think I’m joking around, or take you for a fool. Far from it! This is as genuine a technology as it gets. Water activated batteries have been around for a few years, however not on a large scale, and not for the general public. You can read more about the technology itself on Wikipedia, and I also advise you to visit the NoPoPo page for further details and demonstrative videos.

Hopefully, this technology will finally calm down my uncle who is really worried about the oil prices going through the roof, and oil-source exhaustion. This technology, I believe, is a promising glimpse into the future of electric vehicles, where you basically take a leak into the “reservoir”, and drive for 100 miles. As Abed would say, Cool, cool! Cool Cool Cool!


2 responses to “Take a Leak for Every 100 Miles!

  1. Ei, dracie! :))
    Ce tare-i chestia asta. Oare cat o costa una din asta odata aparute pe piata ca lumea?

    • Nu stiu, dar luand in cosiderare cat de ieftina este tehnologia, s-ar putea sa bata la cur in scurt timp (sau deja) orice baterie existenta in comert, mai ales daca iei in considerare si faptul ca tine mult si se poate reincarca de 5 ori.

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