Free Domain Name for Your Website!

co.ccI’ve already talked about free hosting a while ago, but we all know – well, most of us – that’s not the only issue when launching a website. You also need a domain name and those tend to cost. Usually not very much, but still, it’s money, and you probably need it for food given the recession and all. So, guess what? I found a solution, while taking a free PHP course. While this is not the only free domain solution out there, this does tend to look much better than its few competitors. It’s nor .com, .net,  or .org but it’s quite close and sounds pretty cool: as in Not bad, ay? 🙂  You get it, I mean them, cause you’re entitled to 2 (two) free domain names – at, well, you probably guessed it already: Just to test things out, I got one myself. Works like a charm!


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