End of Spring Free Music Collection

I promise I’ll come up with some cool movie links too in the near future, but since this is a (probably) limited offer, I just want to make sure you hear about it before it becomes unavailable. So, just as the title suggests, it ‘s a collection of songs, which is quite special, given that it’s not from one single artist, but more. So, it’s a multi-artist compilation, which after listening to it myself, I have to adit, sounds great. As usually, it comes from Noisetrade, so your download comes from a legally safe place. The compilation is ATO Records’s Spring Sampler and it features 16 songs by 16 different artists. So to make things a bit more clear, a few word about ATO: “ATO seeks out talented songwriters, musicians and performers for whom there is genuine passion and belief. ATO strives to build career artists. As a truly independent label, ATO is steadfast in our commitment to maintaining that focus. The priority for the label is that there be sufficient time and attention to develop each artist and each release. There is no timeline, but there is a plan to build the label on the quality of the musicians we work with.”¬† That being said, go download while it’s hot and enjoy!


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