FREE Album: “The Walla Recovery”

walla recovery coverOne of the easiest and hardest at  the same time  topics to write about for me, was always music (and I’ve written about music for over 3 years now). There’s simply too much great music out there, and a really impressive number of musicians, to be able to do justice by all of them. Fortunately once in a blue moon I get really lucky and discover – accidentally – an artist or a band that impresses me so much that I instantly know, they’re worth promoting. The Walla Recovery is a cello-folk-rock quartet (think Yo-Yo Ma + Nickel Creek + Goo Goo Dolls) from Texas and they’re about to give you their 7-song EP With Trembling… for free. Nice gesture, ha? Well, after listening to the album you might want to rethink the “gesture” part, because this is more of a once in a lifetime opportunity to get some great music for free, than just a simple gesture. Grab the album while it’s free directly from their own homepage! Enjoy! 😉


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