Record Month Results Facelift

No post have been made for the last few days, and you’re maybe wondering why. If that’s the case, I’ll sort this mystery out right now. BitBits is going to get a facelift. This weekend! It’s only natural to embrace new technologies and by that I mean a new design, one that not only will turn this blog into a fantastically looking website, but also one that takes advantage of a new technology called “responsive design” which is a fancy word for some smart CSS3 which by the way starts to look more and more like a programming language than just regular cascading stylesheet syntax. Anyhow, the facelift id going to happen during the weekend, and if the site looks weird for a day or two, it’s because I’ll do it live.

On another note, May has been a record month for this blog, with a surprising 600+ views on my dashboard. The graphic definitely shows a strong upward direction which I am happy for, and gives me a reason to seriously use this idea for a stand-alone website on a non-wordpress domain that would take things even further than regular curating – yes I found out that what I’ve been doing for the last few months is what the big guys call “online curation”. Cool! I guess… So, facelift by the end of this week. Stay tuned!


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