Free CompTIA A+ & Network+ Courses!

Rarely do I find a person I can not only appreciate and respect, but really bow my head in front of. I guess there are just not that many people who impress me that deeply. Professor Messer is one of those really few people who I think deserves to go Heaven for what he did and still continues to do. You might ask why, although the title should give the reason away quite easily.

CompTIA courses are easy to find, lots of commercial solutions out there, like CBT Nuggets,but what all those have in common is not only a price you have to pay, but also a high one. Think somewhere in the ballpark of 300-500$, which if you ask me is not cheap at all. What Professor Messer does, is exactly the opposite financially speaking. He offers the entire course for free. From A to Z, starting with chapter zero up to the very last, all free! You might think now that maybe it’s just not good enough to sell. Let me assure you, you’re getting really high quality courses.

I’ve checked out some sample CBT Nuggets and others in the past, and trust me, 50% of those videos don’t even stand a chance when compared to Messer’s videos. Professor Messer does what he does best, and as a student you can feel that. Explains everything he knows about the topic passionately, in a very clear, understandable and illustrated manner. Above all, it’s actually a fun and interesting experience whenever you watch one of his videos. I found myself ignoring the usual TV series I like to watch, and instead just watch his educational videos.  If you’re completely new to IT, it will give you a huge amount of information nicely and efficiently packed, giving you an enormous boost towards getting your A+ or Network+ certification. The interesting part is that even I find them educational, regardless of my almost 8 year hands-on experience in the field. So, don’t you wait another moment, click away and start the fantastic courses brought to you by Professor Messer!

Comptia A+ Course (90 videos, total running time: over 22 hours)

Comptia Network+ Course (44 videos, total running time: aprox 11 hours)


2 responses to “Free CompTIA A+ & Network+ Courses!

  1. Yup his videos are great, plus he has videos for other courses including Security plus, just check them out. If you are looking for free videos for CompTIA based courses you need to check Professor mEssers Website!

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