Gimp 2.8 Trumps Photoshop ?!?

Not too long ago I mentioned Gimp. Here I am again, promoting the same product? Well, not really. I’m rather doing a favor to the Gimp guys, cause they seem to lack any promotional skills. Yes, the old Linux story where everyone writes code, but no-one promotes the resulting product or designs it well enough so that it would stick properly. Go figure…

Fortunately for us freebie lovers, Gimp is now proudly at version 2.8. Took some time, maybe too long, but finally we can consider it out of beta, it’s a complete and fully functional 2.8! What’s even better is that Gimp 2.8 actually competes with Photoshop. Really! Not kidding here. I am a Photoshop lover myself but this time I have to admit, the new Gimp is kinda’ trumping the old Adobe king. Not quite right out of the box, but with just 2 plugins you do in fact get a fully functional, amazing Gimp that in some cases does even more than its Adobe rival. You can group layers, you have blending options, an optional single window design (finally) and a ton of filters and effects. Stick your nose into it for just a few hours and you’ll realise Adobe Photoshop has a serious competitor around the corner.

The 2 mentioned plugins: gmic & layerfx


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