Free Windows 8 Crash-course!

Windows 8 is out… Well, not really, but there is a consumer preview edition out there free to download from Microsoft‘s website, and also free to use and evaluate until January 2013. But while you’re probably curious to see what’s it all about, you might not be computer-savvy enough to really understand the most important changes, or to figure out all the different and new settings Windows 8 brings to the table. Which is why provides free of charge to everyone a 1 hour and 12 minutes crash-course on this new edition of Windows. While this a very nice and generous offer, it’s also limited so you have to find some free time to watch it by the 29th of June, otherwise you will not be able to access it for free any more. The course is also good for everyone else, even they don’t have a Windows 8 installed, since it will still give you the basic pointers on what Windows 8 is, how it works, what are its main features and other details you might not have time to find out on your own when you end up sometime in 2013 sitting in front of a machine that has Windows 8 installed.


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