Free Photography Courses for Everyone!

Right now I am in absolute awe. Imagine my head a big “O” between two “W”s repeating the word WOW for the last ten or so minutes. The only reason I stopped is because I can’t write this article and continue saying wow at the same time. I’m just not that able to multitask. All right you fool, stop wowing, start sharing… Ok, so long story short, there’s this Danish friend of mine who was kind enough to expose me to a fantastic free series on the Art of Photography. Absolutely fantastic, high quality, detailed, and very professional work. If you’re a photography fan, regardless of your expertise level, this is the place you need to hang out for the next few months at least. From what I gather, there are 88 episodes, each not only talking but also educating you about a different photography-related topic. This happens on a weekly basis, so after you finish watching all the episodes, don’t you despair, there’s more coming.

As a complementary course I also suggest watching Harvard University’s free course on photography, this time from a more technical and less artistic perspective. It’s one thing to have a good eye for taking pictures and it’s another to actually understand the technology behind it and the potential improvements that it can bring. Put the 2 courses together and you’re a photography master!


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