Learn Languages for FREE!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, CEOs and hobos, straights and gays, or to make the list shorter, anyone who is alive, I have some good news. Good? Oh, well, a bit more than good. Great news! Starting today, you can learn a language for free. Forget long boring books. Forget cassettes and CDs. Forget all the traditional ways, methods and means to learn a language. We’re in 2012 for God’s sake! Learn the language the Duolingo way! It’s not only more fun, but also more interactive and thus more educational. You’re also translating the internet while doing this. At this point in time there’s Spanish, German, French and English (the latter for Spanish folks), but more languages are coming your way in case you already know these 4 (I know, being a polyglot is nice). Here’s a short video to illustrate better what Duolingo is:


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