Record Views and Milestones

This is just a short note to let you guys know, June and May have been 2 extremely good months for this blog, but especially June. Lately the number of page views is rising like crazy, which results in an over 100% increase (from 400 to over 800) in views, compared to April. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Opposed to general belief this blog is not just about freebies, it promotes a life-stile, one which wants to prove and does it beautifully that no matter what others say, you can still use a computer for absolutely free, have an online presence without defying the law. It constantly amazes me ho many things are indeed free on the internet and the number of these resources is only getting bigger and more interesting.

As you might have read on the “about page”, I have some milestones planned out for this blog and one of those is moving everything to a non-wordpress owned domain and turn this blog into a website, or a web directory if you may. Obviously this blog was more of a pilot (test) project, which proved to work, which is why I have already started working on these milestones. Got a free domain, and I am hosting it on a 000webhost hosting space (really trying to prove the point of being able to do it absolutely free). The new domain name is yet to be a surprise. I am rebranding, but only to make things a bit more interesting for the visitors of the new website. I am sure you will like it, it was (and still being) designed with HCI (human-computer interaction) in mind, and it will keep on promoting all the free stuff you’ve gotten used to, but it will bring into the picture some other things like  rigorous update on free courses out there on the internet, collections of great tutorials and a special page which will feature a community-authored book, another new project of mine which I am very much looking forward to.  All this in about a month or so, I mean the beta version.

Until then, have a great week / weekend, watch out for new free stuff and share the freedom with others!


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