Hugh Laurie’s free Single Giveaway!

I wonder if there’s anyone who did not enjoy watching Dr. House partly because of Hugh Laurie himself. He’s not only a great actor but also a fantastic musician and vocalist. After Dr. House, and actually while still performing on the show, he also started working on a musical career which seems to be going in a very positive direction, despite the fact that his music is not exactly what you’d call mainstream, or at least it’s not something you’d find on a 16-year-old teenager’s ipod. Fortunately though the music industry and artists do not have to rely only on pop-loving youngsters but adults as well, and it turns out Hugh Laurie’s album “Let Them Talk” is a huge success among adult listeners and teenagers with a more refined musical taste. His single, “Guess I’m a Fool” has certainly become one of those love-songs we might use in the future for mix-CDs and Hugh has been kind enough to make this a less challenging and illegal activity by offering it for free. Enjoy! 🙂


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