Sssshht! Steve Jobs Speaking! (video)

All the Mac and Apple lovers in the house stand up! Are you standing? Great! Keep standing for the next 23 minutes cause this weekend you’re getting something really interesting. A Steve Jobs documentary. For free. Yeah, Steve and free stuff doesn’t even sound well together, but let’s be honest, he’s kinda’ dead now so now we can give things away for free. By the way, dd you know that ironically, he made the first Mac because he had no money to buy a computer. 20 years later he’s selling them twice the price of PC. Talk about forgetting where you came from… I’m not an Apple hater, just sayin’ you know, we’d all appreciate some lower prices. This documentary comes from ComputerHistory’s YouTube channel, it’s legal to watch, it really started circulating around the internet during the last couple of days, and I invite you to watch it as well, regardless of what you think about Macs or PCs. It’s part of computer history after all, so it’s worth watching, knowing a little bit about where and how it all started. Macs I mean… 😀


4 responses to “Sssshht! Steve Jobs Speaking! (video)

  1. It’s not a fair comment to compare the garage startup computer seeds to the existing Apple products – I mean about the price in your post. The amount of work and design, soft and hardware simultaneously, is tremendous. And it just feels great to know that the stuff under my fingers is perfectly put together, not only the surface design.

    Thanks for posting the vid, I loved to see him from back then!

    • Well, I do amit to being somewhat partial but it’s sort of bugging me that Apple focuses so much on design that they actually feel they have the right to charge you more just because of that. And you have to admit, Apple products are hard to afford compared to all the other brands out there and when you think that generally for the price of a MacBook you can get an Alienware which is a nuclear rocket compared to the MacBook it’s sort of a dissappoinment. But then again, I don’t expect everyone to think like me. 🙂 Glad you liked the video.

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