Coursera Goes Massive! (111 free courses)

Some of you might have heard before about Coursera which is part of a new educational system called Education 2.0. In fact Coursera until recently, was just another of the few  free online course offering websites. A few days ago this all changed, and Coursera overnight became the best and biggest on the Education 2.0 scene. This in no way is an overstatement. While just a few days ago students from all around the World had courses available from 4 ivy league Universities, today that number is an impressive 16, blowing the number of courses up to a massive 111 (coincidentally that’s also the number of kilometers of 1 longitudinal degree)!

What’s so great about Coursera in comparison to Udacity or Khan Academy is not only its ivy league standards, but also the wide range of topics they cover. At this point in time we’re talking about 16 categories, all extremely interesting and useful.

Behold the 16 categories of wisdom:

I myself have already completed 2 courses, the CS101 and the HCI course and am on the verge of completing the Sociology course. I am also subscribed to another 15 courses. Time will tell how many of those I will actually be able to complete successfully, but as I see it, it’s a “Swedish Table of knowledge” available for everyone to try to keep what’s relevant, and what they’re good at. Do not hesitate to click on any of the links, I can personally guarantee you’ll find something of great interest to you. Also I cannot stress enough that fact that it’s all free of charge. 1 or 2 years ago this was only a dream. Today it’s reality. Start living the dream. 🙂


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