Sziget Festival 2012 for FREE!

If for some reason after reading the title you rushed to the official Sziget 2012 website and found out that there are in fact no free tickets available, then please read on, because the title is as real as it can get. As it turns out you do not necessarily have to be in Budapest, Hungary to enjoy the festival. We have internet and the internet as we know, can do miracles. One such miracle is online streaming, which will be offered via YouTube throughout the entire festival.

So, If you feel like getting a taste of “Europe’s Best Major Festival”, but can’t make it to the island then check out the live stream only on YouTube straight from Budapest. If you like what you see, but still miss the beers and the bass kick from your stomach, you’re never too late to join the party! I say get your friends together, get a big screen TV or a video projector into the garden, some beer, tonic, burgers, chips and hot-dogs and have the festival at home!

Just before its 20th festival, Sziget is happy to announce that for the first time it will be live streaming 5 days of the event on YouTube for their fans around the world. Some of the biggest acts from the festival’s line-up will be performing, including KornPlaceboSum 41HurtsDeus and many more.

The broadcast will be available on the festival’s official YouTube channel across all internet-connected devices and it will cover the 3 biggest stages of the event: Pop/Rock Main StageWorld Music Party Main Stage andA38 Stage. The shows will be available to watch live every day from 3PM (CET) until late at night between August 8-12. The detailed daily program of the live stream will be available on their YouTube channel.

Check out bands, chat with fellow fans from all around the world while watching the live stream and be part of the world’s most international fanbase. What you SZI is what you GET… also on YouTube!


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