The Best Free HTML5 & CSS3 Course!

If you’re trying to get into web design, but you never had the opportunity, the money or a structured set of course-files, now is the time to set all those problems aside, because today you’ll find out where to get the best free HTML5 and CSS3 course. Really, for web design this is all you need, CSS and HTML. HTML is used for structure, while CSS for styling and I mean jaw-dropping styling, not just let’s make this text red and have it a 5 pixel border. HTML5 and CSS3 are in reality just enhanced versions of regular old HTML and CSS so learning the new versions means you’ll implicitly learn the previous versions as well, but without getting into its obsolete parts.

This course is for absolute beginners, for people who never wrote a single line of code. This course is also quite long. When you’re learning something from scratch, there’s bound to be a lot of learning involved, which is why this is a 21 episode long series, episode lengths varying between 5 and 50 minutes long. You can also download the source files for the entire series and the videos individually in various formats and resolutions.

This course is offered by Channel 9 via and Microsoft.


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