Learn Photoshop and Facebook Marketing for Free!

When it comes to Photoshop, the number of free tutorials and courses out there is next to incomprehensible, so having another free course online is not really a shocker. However it’s always good to see things from another perspective and if I have learned anything during the last 8 years of my Photoshop experience is that every time I watch a new course some new information tends to surface. Every tutor does things differently, therefore the chances of learning new tricks is always very high, regardless of how many years of experience you might already have.

You know it. I know it – Adobe worked so hard making Photoshop extremely powerful that it just forgot to include the manual. If you’ve ever played around with a piece of design software you know exactly what I mean… “Ooooo, ahhhhh, so many cool features and pretty buttons… but why won’t you do what I want!!” That’s why Photoshop master Manfred Werner created a free Photoshop course with over 10 hours of content to teach you the tricks and techniques you need to master Photoshop. Get started now… on Udemy!

The second course  is Facebook marketing… Now that’s something you won’t find lying around on the internet for free unless you’re a very lucky person. And since today I am featuring Udemy’s new free course on “How to Market Your Business on Facebook”, this must be your lucky day.

There are 800 million active users on Facebook. Is your business reaching them? Are you a master of NFO (or NewsFeed Optimization)? You leveraging Open Graph? Do you know the difference between sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts? Not sure? Then let the experts at Market Motive help you turn Facebook into a MASSIVE lead generation tool for your business today.


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