33 Song Summer Mega Pack Download

Ok, let’s do some quick math. Let’s assume that iTunes starts giving songs away at 50 c / song. Ten songs downloaded results a 5$ bill on your debit or credit card. How about 20 songs? That’s 10 solid bucks. Well, then how about 30 songs? That’s a 15-er alright. But I’ll top even that and say 33! How much will that cost you? 16.5$? Nope! It costs you exactly nothing! And that’s why I like Noisetrade and their seasonal album samplers.

You know it’s nice to listen to the same artist for an hour or so, but what I find even more interesting is listening to a good collection of songs written by various artists. Gives some diversity to the listening experience. That is why I very much recommend the Noisetrade Summer Sampler. 33 songs, all from different artists, all free to download if you like their Facebook page.

Featured artists: Marc Scibilla, Allie Moss, Nada Surf, Bison, Rosie Thomas, Matthew Perryman Jones, Liam Titcomb, Haley Bonar, Fort Atlantic, Shel, Josh Rouse, Holly Williams, Garrison Starr, The Features, Apex Manor, Angel Snow, Paper Route, Nicki Bluhm, Harrison Hudson, The Vespers, Young Oceans, Wendell Kimbrough, The Band of Heathens, Susanna Hoffs, Butterfly Boucher, The Rocket Summer, Micah Dalton, Bhi Bhiman, Ramona Falls, Courtney Jaye, Joshua Hyslop, Lara Landon, Vintage Trouble.


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