Best Free PHP Course Ever!

It took me a looong time to find a really good PHP course that did not take 90-200$ out of my pocket. I know it’s worth paying for a PHP course cause frankly if you learn PHP really well, you’re on to a nice career in web development. BUT I do not have 90-200$ to pay for a PHP course, and judging by today’s economy you’re probably not willing to pay it either. Especially if you can get it for free without stealing it.

Yes, it turns out my patience did pay off quite nicely and I found the motherload. The free PHP course I mean, which is not only free but it’s absolutely fantastic. Not at all boring, very to the point and very-very attentive to your learning-curve. Nothing is rushed, you’ll hear important things repeated and it’s surprisingly easy to understand – this coming from a guy (me) who read a few books and watched a great number of PHP videos and was still confused about some things. Not any more! You take your time to watch the following 10 videos and you absolutely will understand PHP! If you don’t, then go for another career, forget web development, go be a chef at a fancy restaurant, or become the next Schumacher. This course is so well presented and explained that if you find this difficult to understand, then web development is absolutely not for you. All the following videos are brought to you by Eli The Computer Guy.


2 responses to “Best Free PHP Course Ever!

  1. Hey!
    If you want to learn more about php I recommend you to read these books:
    1) “PHP and MySQL Web Development” by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson.
    2) “Wrox PHP5 (or PHP6) Professional” by Ed Lecky-Thomson, Steven Nowicki and Thomas Myer.

    Both are great easy-to-read books… The first one teaches you php from scratch just like mysql as well. You will end up making real world web apps in no time since it explains all you need to become a php developer… This book teaches you structured programming, and that’s why I recommend you to read the other book…

    The second book is for people who already have any knowledge of PHP, and teaches you from the basics of object oriented programming (chapters you can skip if you’re already into it) to UML, MVC and PHP Frameworks… Along the entire book you will be learning with real life web apps examples made using OOP in PHP.

    (Sorry for my english… Im from Argentina)… 🙂

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